FrSky SBUS to PWM Decoder with Pins

FrSky SBUS to PWM Decoder with Pins

The FrSky SBUS & PWMDecoder allows you to connect normal servos to SBUS or PWM systems

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FrSky SBUS to PWM Decoder with Pins


The FrSky S.BUS to PWM Decoder allows you to use any standard analog or digital servos with your S.BUS compatible receiver. This eliminates the need for using pricey S.BUS specific servos allowing you to use your models existing servos.

Featuring 4 programmable channel outputs, you can independently assign each servo to a channel of your choice while only having to connect one input lead from your receiver. This makes your wiring much more tidy and allows for easy setting up of your servos without the need for running multiple extension leads.

FrSky S.BUS to PWM Decoder

Channel Outputs: 4 programmable
Channel Ouput Lead Lengths: 200mm
Overall Length: 350mm


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